‘Unknown’ skin condition gone after treatment by Laser-lite

Our lovely client Toni had been searching for a cure for the sore, dry, itchy skin condition on the palm of her hand for around 15 years. The closest she had ever got to a diagnosis was ‘some kind of eczema’.

Over the years she had tried pretty much everything in search of a cure but none of the prescribed medical treatments or alternative remedies helped, and, at the end of her tether, Toni contacted us, wondering if laser treatment could provide a solution.

Using the laser for skin conditions was uncharted territory for us but after hearing Toni’s story we agreed to give it a go, though using the laser differently to how we use it for removing tattoos or rejuvenating skin.

Result! In just three sessions, Toni’s hand was finally clear of the awful condition that had plagued her for so long - and we’re happy to report it remains clear over 6 weeks later.

This exciting outcome obviously suggests the ND-Yag laser we use for cosmetic procedures can also be used safely and effectively for treating stubborn skin conditions such as Toni’s, so we’ve asked laser pioneer, guru and General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals Mike Murphy for his expert opinion- watch this space!

And if you have a similar skin condition that does't respond to conventional treatments, why not get in touch and we'll see if we can help!

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